Friday, April 28, 2006


something i got today from a spiritual newsletter i subscribe to--

It is better to have loved and lost, than to live with the idiot the rest of your life.

–From a popular t-shirt

Amen, and amen!!! : ) : ) : )

Friday, April 14, 2006

How Our Vios Came to Us

When our old 1977 Mitsubishi Lancer started acting up late last year, and after I finished reading Joe Vitale's The Attractor Factor last December, I started seriously praying for/manifesting a new car.
I thought I'd want something with more space this time, and it was at this time when the Toyota Innova started becoming conspicuous in the streets and in the ads. So, I thought, a Toyota Innova would be good.

I didn't know how it would come about, or when, I just knew: I wanted the Toyota Innova, or something quite like it.

So I began the manifesting process by getting clear and ridding my self of any underlying internal blockages or emotions about desiring the Toyota Innova, which wasn't hard to do, as every time our old car conked out, my frustrations only served to fuel my desire for our new Toyota Innova.

Then, I researched the Toyota site, and placed a picture of a red Toyota Innova on my desktop. Every time I'd see an Innova in the streets, I'd smile at it as if in greeting and recognition and secretly pray, "Thank you, God, for the Toyota Innova coming our way!!!" : ) : ) : ) It became so habitual I'd promptly automatically smile and thank God for the Toyota coming our way when I'd see even just the Toyota logo.

At around this time, my brother, T, broached to our father how he feels bad for me for having to put up with the old car's troubles. He learned about how the kids and I would almost always just absent our selves from school and work whenever the old car conked out, because I didn't have the extra P300 a day budget for taxis back and forth in bringing them to school and then bringing them home, one at a time. My father finally offered to finance buying me a new secondhand car, but he made it clear that his budget would only be 100k pesos, tops.

It did came to me how I'd ever get my dream car with only 100k pesos... but then, I decided to let the Universe worry about that, and just kept on with my thanking for the Toyota coming our way.

Last Wednesday, when T took my father to the broker to check out the car he wanted to buy for me, given Papa's budget-- a 1995 Kia-- T told me this morning how Papa's eyes were riveted to the Toyota Vios instead. The Kia was owned by a person who wanted to sell it so he could buy the Vios. But, after test driving the Vios, Papa was hooked, and decided to go for the Vios instead, even if it was four times over his intended budget!!! : O

And that's how our Toyota Vios came to be. : ) It is not the Innova, yes, but I only wanted the Innova for its spaciousness, which the Vios has got. It is almost brand new, with only 10 months' use... and it is in the fiery red color that I wanted and envisioned and prayed for!!!

If this isn't God's handiwork now, then I don't know what is!!!

ohhhhh, thank You, God, for the Toyota Vios that has come into our lives!!! : ) : ) : ) Posted by Picasa