Sunday, December 31, 2006

My New Year's Resolution

Family and friends who know me would laugh at my one and only (well, there's a list, of course, but the rest in the list are just a finetuning, a continued improvement on old ones) new New Year's Resolution-- to learn how to cook and bake well, at last.

(blush! blush!)

Well, now that the house is pretty with the repainting and refurbishing done, all that's needed is the finishing touch, for the lady of the house to learn how to feed the One she loves, very well.

and in all ways.

: ) : ) : ) heehee!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I have been an avid water drinker for the last 2 to 3 years now and I can personally attest to the health (clearer skin, more regular movement, even weight loss!) and mind (lighter feeling, focus, clarity) and lifestyle (simpler, cleaner, clearer, more peaceful, happier, more joyful way of life) benefits that come from simply drinking lots of water regularly.

And I basically adopted more water drinking as a way of life because of several initiating reasons: tight finances necessitated that my children and I drink water instead of our usual favorite beverages, which in turn led me to the pleasant discovery of feeling lighter and more focused and losing weight and looking good, which coincided with my meditation studies and practices, which led me to spiritual literature and spiritual cinema, like "What the Bleep Do You Know?", which mentioned the water experiments of a Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, on the amazing effects of both positive and negative thoughts on water!

So, when I received an invitation from Vance Alford to check out Xooma and after I read and studied what Xooma was all about, I became very excited! Somehow, it rang true to both my heart and experience! And somehow, too, things seem to be coming together, addressing my first reasons for turning into a water-rooted way of life: as a way to deal with tight finances and wanting not only to look and feel better about my self and my life in general, but living a life of Abundance in all ways.

It has been such a wondrous journey, and I believe Xooma is not just any MLM company out to fatten its Network by feeding off its downlines, but a unique business that both offers a product that not only improves health but even helps promote a more peaceful way of life, as well as lets everybody in on sharing all the Abundance this Universe yearns to give to us all!

In case you're wondering what I do (and whether I'm just one of those tree-hugging kookies talking about the Universe, etc. : >)-- well, I teach Economics, Cultural Studies and Communications courses at a well-respected university in our city, a freelance writer, researcher, speaker and trainer, and a multi-awarded children's book writer in my country, and I'm willing to put my name and reputation on the line for such a worthy endeavor as this!

: )

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Astrosync explains

sigh. if it weren't for my personalized Astrosync subscription of M and i, i'd go bonkers with his self-imposed funk!

good thing i have the Astrosync to keep things in bigger perspective. check this out, it has been like this for days now! no wonder.


Your ability to connect right now is challenging (Red Light). There are some astrological factors that make it slightly more difficult to relate to MB right now. Fine tune your approach to him by honing in and adjusting your approach to these key aspects of relating.

How to attract MB :
Don't ask to much of MB, whose Mars is forming a challenging angle to the Moon. You're better off satisfying your own needs.
How to assert yourself with MB :
Some TLC from MB can give you a boost, which you probably need now that the Moon forms a challenging angle to your Mars.



at least, i have a definite reason not to take it personally. : )