Sunday, December 03, 2006

Astrosync explains

sigh. if it weren't for my personalized Astrosync subscription of M and i, i'd go bonkers with his self-imposed funk!

good thing i have the Astrosync to keep things in bigger perspective. check this out, it has been like this for days now! no wonder.


Your ability to connect right now is challenging (Red Light). There are some astrological factors that make it slightly more difficult to relate to MB right now. Fine tune your approach to him by honing in and adjusting your approach to these key aspects of relating.

How to attract MB :
Don't ask to much of MB, whose Mars is forming a challenging angle to the Moon. You're better off satisfying your own needs.
How to assert yourself with MB :
Some TLC from MB can give you a boost, which you probably need now that the Moon forms a challenging angle to your Mars.



at least, i have a definite reason not to take it personally. : )
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