Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Power of Listening to One's Heart

excerpts from the e-book i am re-reading today--

when you practice listening to your heart, it will affect men in two ways: either they will respond or they will rebel. There will be some men who will be threatened by your feelings, because they will only be interested in you taking care of them. He is so fragile that he feels he always has to be right, and wants the women in his life to take care of all his needs, like a mother would. When dealing with this immature man, be careful. Consider that it could take a long time to influence such maturity, if even possible.

If your man reacts with anger or aggressiveness when you begin putting these insights into practice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you did anything wrong. In fact, it’s quite possible that you might be doing everything exactly right. When a woman is heart-centered and utilizes her intuition, it has an amazing affect on a man.

A woman who puts her heart first causes the character of a man to be revealed, whether it is good or bad.

If you are a woman who is both sincere and confident (because you listen to your Heart), you won’t be able to be controlled or shamed. It will infuriate an insecure and injured man, who must dominate every woman in order to distract himself from his own pain. Think of him as having a hole in his heart so deep, it can never be filled. While you might want to try and help him, short of a literal miracle, you can’t. If he isn’t willing to grow you cannot do it for him.

A person who is at ease with himself will feel at ease with a sincere and confident woman, too. They will cheer for your success and confidence (and not bring you down).


hmmm... reminds me of somebody i lived with for 10 years, until around some five years ago... and the only reason why i finally saw the light and mustered up the courage to leave ... was when i listened to my Heart.

i was right all along, huh. i've never heard the affirmation for what i did said or explained this way as it is written here now, though.

thank you, dear Heart!!!
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