Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Ideal Mate

This is the summary of what Eharmony says my Ideal Mate is like, after I answered their lengthy free in-depth Questionnaire 4 years ago (I only reviewed it now; I answered the Questionnaire way back in Oct. 2003! Regretfully, they don't have a free Questionnaire like it now, just one for Personality Profile)--

Some of your ideal mate's strongest personality characteristics are:

    He is very caring, compassionate and sensitive towards the needs of others.

    He has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and it is important to him to be the best person he can be at all times.

    He has a very strong intellect which he enjoys exercising.

    He generally prefers to solve problems based on rational causes, rather than emotions.

Some important qualities that your ideal partner brings to the relationship are:

    He has a great sense of humor.

    He appreciate life's amusing moments, and is good at sharing and even creating them.

    He is very good at communicating his thoughts and feelings.

    It is easy for him to see other's points of view.

Important goals and values for your ideal mate in a relationship are:

    He needs someone who shares his goals to have children and create a loving home.

    Family and parenting are key to him.

    Although he probably won't be strongly religious, it may be important to him that he shares his core spiritual beliefs with his life partner.

    He doesn't have wildly radical views about society or morality.

Now, why didn't I pay attention to this list sooner???

It should have saved me a lot of heartache...

But then again, would I have been willing to trade all the (mis?) adventures in the past 4 years for less heartache?

Not then, for sure.

Maybe now, though.
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