Tuesday, October 16, 2007

old love songs

yesterday, i woke up at 2am.

after happily talking with B, i proceeded to putter around, unpack and sort the rest of my luggage, and prepare the kids' bags for school.

all the while i was listening to my saved meditation music, but when it was all done, i decided to try my old collection of saved love songs again, back when i was still in love with M...

i was pleasantly surprised to find that the songs have no effect on me at all anymore, except in my feeling of appreciation for them as songs i've always liked.

i used to dread opening the file some months ago, as they only made me cry and broke my heart some more. some days, at best, i would feel an aching pang inside.

but yesterday,... no more.

ohhhh, joy!!!

i am healed, at last.

i am whole again, to give my heart fully again, this time.

it's time for new love songs now.
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