Sunday, April 10, 2005

65 Long-stemmed Red Roses!


i was awakened from a long nap late this morning by the maid, who told me i had a friend waiting for me by the gate.

it was my German friend, Antonia, with her husband Patrick, who called on me to give me a whole bucket of long-stemmed red roses!!!

last night was their 1000th day after their wedding and Patrick surprised her with a thousand roses. this morning, Antonia felt that she just had to share her joy and she thought of me first, sweet Antonia!

i got teary-eyed receiving the whole bucket of long-stemmed red roses from her.

i told her i rarely get roses.

in fact, in my whole life, i've only received two for real -- one from the ex, long ago during our courting days on Valentine's Day, and only because he said his sister forced him to do it : ( ... another one from a student, some few Valentine's Day ago, too.

so i told Antonia that this was like an omen for me, of rosier days and experiences to come, with the feast she and Patrick have given me, for no special occasion at all!

i counted the roses later, wow-- 65 long-stemmed red roses!!!

Patrick's and Antonia's love story is an inspiration too. he used to be a monk, while she a war film journalist. they met in Jerusalem while she was on assignment and he was on some sort of a retreat. they stayed at the same hotel, and since there were very few Germans in that hotel, the very few that there were all managed to congregate together at breakfast and dinner.

a deep friendship blossomed in just two weeks, and when the time came to part, they realized they had fallen in love. what followed was 9 months more of long-distance text messages (SMS)and phone calls and emails, and by the time they met again next, he had left the monastery and asked her to marry him.


they now have a two year old little princess, Kiara, and another one on the way.


at least, in times like these, fairy tales and dreams still do come true!

and i am holding out for that, deep in my heart.
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