Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Charles and Camilla


during a lull in one of our lengthy road trips around Camiguin, my colleagues took to discussing Charles' and Camilla's wedding.

there was the usual bitching about how ugly and unqueenly Camilla is compared to Diana, and about how she doesn't deserve to be wed to the future king of England. (nobody commented on how equally ugly and unkingly Charles is, and how he may not deserve to be future king of England, too!)

anyway, i just listened to the trivial chatter and kept quiet. but in my deepest thoughts and heart, i envy Charles and Camilla, for the love they have managed to keep for more than 30 years, despite marriages to other people and many changes in their lives, not to mention family and public censure.

thinking about it always makes me cry. to have a chance at a love like that, and having found it, to never let it go, no matter what. in the words of Prince Charles, to be "non-negotiable".


i think i have found the love of my life, too. but life has gotten in the way.

are we up to it?

only Love knows.
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