Thursday, June 02, 2005

Milk and Honey Cleopatra

i couldn't resist it. i had my special treat for my self all planned for the day; i've been dreaming about it for weeks since i submitted my official resignation letter last january, but when it came to making it real at last, i couldn't resist one more extra treat-- a milk and honey full body scrub and body wrap!!!

it wrecked my budget but what the heck, i deserve it after 4 years of slaving, serving other people's needs!

when i checked into the spa, this ad for their new service caught my eye. and all i was thinking of was, hmmmm.... i wonder how Cleopatra felt?

now i have an idea. heehee.

i left the spa at 7pm last night, skin all so soft and rosy, smelling of lavender, milk and honey, me feeling languid and sexy and beautiful... and so moist and so in the mood.... : D

and Cleopatra did it every day, didn't she?
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