Saturday, June 25, 2005

Of Gardens and Food, etc.

i went to the Mall to pay my cellphone bill but i went home lugging four pots of herb plants with me-- two pots of basil, one pot of oregano, and one pot of ginseng.

there was a garden fair at the Mall and i finally gave in to my lifelong dream of starting a garden of my own, with these herbs for a start.

now that i have more time for my self and my life is my own again, i want to start a garden and finally learn how to cook this year. : )

what better way to build two nests in one tree (i hate "two birds with one stone"--it is too cruel and violent!) than start with herbs i can tend and nurture, and herbs i can use for learning how to cook different types of pasta dishes!

what about the ginseng?

i know there are jokes about it for improving one's sex life... heehee... but ginseng is also good for hair growth, you know.

anyway, for me, it will be for its healing and regenerative properties.

so many years ago, i attended this week-long basic ESP seminar, and on the last night of the session which was highlighted with a spoon-bending exercise, i was one of the few five people who were able to do so with our minds. and we all shared a common experience, the feeling of a rush of heat from the top of our heads, down our neck and shoulders and arms... which we then used to "caress" the spoon into bending with just a tap or two...

anyway, the whole point of the exercise was not really to bend spoons with one's mind, the trainer informed us, but to find out whether we had the gift for healing. the rush of heat is one manifestation. and he encouraged us to use and develop our gift for good.

so that's what the ginseng is for.

the improved sex life would just be a fringe benefit. : )
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