Saturday, March 04, 2006

the first vagina workshop

we had our first cast meeting and script reading this morning. we were given the chance to choose our roles; i chose Woman 4, mainly because she had long monologues (if im going to invest my time and energies here, might as well be for a role where i get to speak longer...), and i was comfortable with her monologue (speaking about discovering her vagina from a handheld mirror and what it did to her). : ) i discovered and have continuously watched mine in fascination since i was 17 years old!

anyway, we were asked to prepare for three more parts, too, our answers to--

1. how does your vagina smell like?
2. how does your moan sound like? (prepare to act/sound out a sample)
3. if it could wear something, what would your vagina wear?

there was a prepared script for the answers too, but our stage director encouraged us to come up with our own answers.

not a problem for me; ive answered those questions for my self long, long ago--

1. smells like an orchid, feels like an orchid, looks like an orchid
2. kittenish
3. a tiara of diamonds, and nothing else, resplendent in its barenaked glory!

the show will be on International Women's Day, March 11, 7:30 p.m., at the Garden Royale.

welcome to women's intimate and soul-renewing world!
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