Monday, July 24, 2006

The Sin of Happiness

i watched Chocolat with thea late last saturday evening, and im glad i did. actually, a friend or two mentioned it to me more than two years ago, how i should watch it because it reminded them of me, but i never encountered the opportunity, or maybe it wasnt the right time yet, until now.

the film is beautiful, both in form and substance. the rustic French village and its people were charming, despite their being too uptight and standoffish, which only made the main female character, Vianne, more vibrant and alive.

i can understand the film intimately, now, as i have lived through most of what Vianne has lived through, too. i guess thea is right-- it is about me and my life and who i am, in many ways. : )

it's basically just being different, being made to feel out of place, in a world of hypocrisy and rules that stifle the spirit and silence the heart, and how following one's heart and spirit becomes the greatest sin of all for this kind of world, which does not even begin to recognize that this very "sin" is its own hope for salvation, and redemption.
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