Friday, May 06, 2005


'just got this from a subscription newsletter email today:

What Do Men Think?

In celebration of Single Mother's Month, Yahoo! Personals polled our single men to find out why single moms make great dates, better potential mates, and are super sexy! Here, Raymond, David, Morgan, Deshae, Will and Ed provide their top reasons to date a single mom:

Top 10 Reasons for Dating a Single Mom, According to Yahoo! Personals Men:

1. You already know they're strong because they have to handle the responsibilities of single parenthood.

2. There is nothing like a Mother. She is a woman that is responsible and focused on life. She knows what she wants out of life and will not sacrifice the happiness of her child for just any man. So, if she decides to date you, feel lucky.

3. Single moms know what they are looking for and are independent. Any man or woman can appreciate dating someone who has confidence in themselves. Face it, great moms are sexy!

4. A single mom isn't just filling time dating — she's had to make a choice to do something for herself while fulfilling the full-time responsibility of being a mom. For a man seeking a real and lasting relationship, this is ideal.

5. They appreciate quality not quantity of time. It isn't always an option to see someone everyday, so making sure the time together is of value is important.

6. Single moms are more open to long-term relationships. For single dads that are also looking for a romantic relationship, it is ideal to date someone with the same end goals.

7. They're done being a "party girl" and tend to be more selective and thoughtful in their approach to dating. With single moms, we know our romantic relationship is valued and not just part of a series of meaningless dates or something that stems from the fear of being alone.

8. You get to see how they relate to their children and how they relate to people they love. And for single dads looking for their own "play date," this also provides insight on how she might interact with our kids and her attitude about important life issues.

9. Single moms enjoy their time out more and can appreciate a simpler evening of just spending time together. People with a fun, positive attitude and outlook are always more fun to date.

10. They realize what it costs to raise a family — and don't require flashy dates. They are impressed more by substance than a big price tag both in dating and in life.*

An extra bonus of dating a single mom — they make great Mac-n-Cheese!


don't count on me for the Mac-n-Cheese though. i have yet to learn how to cook! but i have been told im a fast learner, especially with a really good teacher... heeheehee.

advance happy Mothers' Day to all mothers everywhere!!!

: )
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